Consumption reduced by 30% with energy audit of SOGEI

Italian companies seek to improve their competitiveness by reducing costs. In many cases, this means reducing energy consumption

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start Date: 2016
End Date: 2017
Sogei S.p.A.


SOGEI is the Information and Communication Technology Company of the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, committed to simplify administrative procedures and to increase integration between public administrations.

The SOGEI’s Server Farm is one of the biggest public Italian Data Centre and it has a crucial rule because it storages all tax data of Italian citizen and Italian company.

The scope of the Energy Inspection was to check and analyze the energy consumption of the complex SOGEI, the building envelope and plant installed, to identify energy saving opportunities to reduce energy bill weight.

The RINA team's inspection has been carried out, in accordance with:

  • Italian Government Decree 102/2014
  • UNI CEI EN 16247 Part 1-2-3 on Energy Audit
  • Decrees of 26 June 2015 on Energy Performance of Buildings for Energy Certification. 

The SOGEI’s Headquarter is located south of Rome and consists of 4 buildings which host 1750 employees and an equal annual energy consumption of 20,000 family.


Our team has collected all the available data, during surveys on site, and has accurately modelled and simulated the energy behavior of the Buildings and Data Centre and theirs consumptions.

The proposed solutions are been extremely focused, but also innovative, with HVAC plants that use the renewable energy from the water and the air.


The improvement solutions proposed will allow a 30% energy consumption reduction, with a saving of about 2 million of euro and a payback time of 4 years.
Thanks to this project, we contributed effectively to the GHG reduction and to the growing of sustainability in the Tertiary Sector.

Francesco Arnesano