Asset evaluation of assets and infrastructures related to Port of Duqm

An asset evaluation/due diligence of a complex scheme of assets, projects and infrastructures from different stakeholders to be executed in a very short time

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start date: 2017 Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD)



In order to complete the handover process of assets, projects and infrastructures and superstructures related to industrial port of Duqm, with the local Ministry of Transport at earliest, RINA was requested to perform its consultancy activities in a mandatory 3 months’ time.

Most relevant activities to be performed were:

  • Analysis of all existing documents related to assets (most of them to be translated from Arabic, first);
  • Interface (meetings & visits) with all involved stakeholders (es. Ministries, Port Authorities, Drydock’s management company, Consultants, Contractors, etc.) under heavy confidentiality requirements;
  • Preparation of a list of assets, projects and infrastructures to be evaluated/checked and transferred from Ministry to Client;
  • Inspection of assets, projects, infrastructures and superstructures in Duqm;
  • Provisions of recommendation on management, operation and maintenance of assets
  • Evaluation of existing legal agreements and drafting of new transfer/lease agreements with involved stakeholders.
  • Issuance of a comprehensive evaluation report to be submitted to client and other stakeholders in order to finalize the transfer/lease process.

Major challenge of the service was to deal with a relevant number of assets and stakeholders in such a limited time, moreover during the holy month of Ramadan (when working hours for public and private sector are reduced by local regulations) without compromising project budget and schedule.


In order to provide the required service, we deployed a resident and fully dedicated multi-disciplinary team (also with experts and consultants retrieved from other RINA entities), with particular reference to the following disciplines:

  • Project Management;
  • Asset Inspection & Evaluation;
  • Asset Integrity;
  • Legal Advisory.

Due to the huge amount of information collected, a local FTP data base was implemented in order to liaise with client and stakeholders, keeping track of: meetings, visits, data, comments, files, and any other relevant information useful for the preparation of the evaluation report.

A final asset evaluation report - comprising an asset description (with status, completion, comments, etc.), in order provide the client with a clear picture of the consistency and the state of all assets to be transferred, and the requested drafts of agreements - was delivered on due time.


The appointment of a qualified international consultant as we are gave the client the opportunity to have a reputable and independent international Company (also duly accredited as IEC inspection body for third party inspection services, in compliance to UNI CEI-EN ISO 17020), to validate and assess the status of projects handover, moreover providing valuable support, information and comments to complete the transfer in the most efficient way.
As an additional service, we also provided the client some peculiar Asset booklets (one for each asset to be transferred), with relevant information and deliverables related to the same, to be later used as a useful document in order to report and represent to external stakeholders the leasing/transfer procedures of assets, other than a great reference tool for internal stakeholders and operators.

Paolo Mazzara