Integrity assessment of electrical assets

Integrity and remaining life assessment of over 1400 electrical assets for PDO Gas, North Oil Directorate and South Oil Directorate

Business Time Project Coordinator
Start date: 2013 Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)


PDO required the services of a specialised company, to carry out a technical online study regarding the integrity and remaining life assessment of over 1400 electrical assets in ten separate Oil & Gas production stations. Our condition assessment team worked with local company, Rukun Al Yaqeen International (RAYOMAN), to ensure PDO’s requirements were met.

The project required a large variety of electrical assets to be assessed. We have significant experience in the condition assessment and condition-based risk management of electrical assets. We employ professionals who previously held technical specialist positions in manufacturing and power utility companies. This level of expertise means we are particularly well placed to provide an independent analysis on the condition of:

  • HV transformers, cables and switchgear
  • HV and LV motors
  • Generators
  • Batteries, battery chargers and UPS systems.


We provided a holistic condition assessment approach to understand the condition of the electrical assets on each of thePDO Oil & Gas production sites.

More in detail, we:

  • Met PDO’s operational and health and safety demands
  • Analysed the online test results provided by RAYOMAN
  • Examined historical asset data
  • Reviewed customers’ maintenance practices
  • Scored asset criticality, based on safety and production risk of failure.

A datasheet was produced for each asset containing test results, asset specific recommendations, a health index, remnant life, and risk index estimation. A detailed report was also produced for each site which summarised the project findings and provided advice on improvements to engineering practices.


A number of critical actions were identified which needed to be carried out to ensure the future integrity of the assets analysed.
During this project we strengthened our relationship with both PDO and RAYOMAN and provided them with an independent analysis of the condition of their electrical assets.