Safety Assessment of Network Rail Traffic Management System

Independent Safety Assessment for the new Network Rail Traffic Management System (TMS) – Wales and Romford

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start Date: 2016 Network Rail



Network Rail has initiated a programme to transform the management of traffic on UK railways by consolidating more than 800 signal boxes into 12 state-of-the-art regional control centres (ROCs). As part of the first deployment phase,
NR have awarded the client a contract to deploy their proven solution on the Wales and Romford ROCs.

The client’s solution is used to control more than 60,000 trains per day in 11 countries – including Germany, Austria and Portugal, where it has vastly improved railway operations by increasing capacity, reducing delays, and keeping staff and passengers better informed.

Although the client’s solution is proven in a number of countries, the scale of change planned in the UK, in terms of technological shift and geographical deployment, is dramatic.

Assurance must be provided that the proposed system meets the requirements of Network Rail and European Regulation, and that it is safe to deploy on UK railways.

RINA has decades of experience delivering support to innovative rail projects including the Eurostar/Channel Tunnel, Thameslink Upgrade, King Abdullah Financial District
Monorail, Crossrail and Victoria Line Upgrade.


Our approach to independent safety assessment ensures that the products we deliver are key project enablers. For this project our Independent Safety Advisors (ISAs):

  • Work with the client and Network Rail to deliver the requisite safety assurance
  • Offer objective and independent assessment
  • Remain flexible, pragmatic and solution-focused throughout
  • Accommodate shifting timescales and evolving strategies


The project is ongoing, but so far we have enabled the client to deliver robust, convincing assurance products at the planning and hazard analysis stages of the project.

With us supporting the TMS programme, Network Rail is also confident that the client’s deliverables have been subjected to expert and independent scrutiny. Network Rail has yet to let the contracts for the remaining ROCs, but the client is keen to continue to use our combined experience to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the rail network across wider parts of the UK.