Design and Implementation of a Competence Management System

Develop and maintain workforce skills and knowledge, providing assurance that KAD staff possessed the competencies to achieve the organisation’s safety goals

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start date: 2016 KAD



KAD operates and maintains the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and is a provider of an exceptional customer experience throughout the DLR Network.

RINA was commissioned by KAD to develop a business-wide CMS to meet several critical organisational requirements. This included the need to develop and maintain workforce skills and knowledge through training and education and to provide assurance that KAD staff possessed the competencies to achieve the organisation’s safety goals. The CMS would also need to set the requirement for investment in personal development to promote career progression and to maintain a competent workforce ensuring the company continued to achieve operational performance goals and safeguard people, assets and brand equity over the long term.


RINA conducted a risk based training, assessment and assurance analysis of all Safety Critical and Performance Critical tasks to determine the most appropriate tools to develop, maintain and assure the underpinning competencies over time. To manage the role competence profiles, we developed an innovative, bespoke web-based Management Information System (MIS) with mobile assessment applications displaying competence currency at individual, team and business levels and providing intuitive tools to programme assessments, update and upload records, education certificates and appraisals.


We continue to support KAD with a full-time senior consultant with responsibility for training and education management, the continued development and implementation of the CMS MIS and the coordination of the insertion of learning technologies into the business.