LEED platinum: building B, Via dell’arte

IDeA Fimit renovated the property in Rome that became LEED Platinum: we played the role of Leed Coordination, commissioning authority and energy modeler

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport &Infrastructure Start Date: 2013
End Date: 2017
IDeA Fimit sgr



IDeA FIMIT is the leading Asset Management Company in Italy, specialized in real estate funds.

This sector takes part in a virtuous economic development cycle: they refurbish the assets by operations that improve the territorial quality; they invest in infrastructures for towns and cities; and they create permanent employment.

For this reason, IDeA Fimit has decided to invest 40 million euros to renovate a building in Rome that today has reached the LEED Platinum certification.


RINA has played the role of Leed Coordination of the Commissioning Authority, both in the design and construction phase, and has developed the dynamic energy modeling of the building suggesting the best solutions to optimize energy and water consumption, by reducing the environmental impact of construction and providing a high indoor comfort.
Our team teamed up with the project team throughout the design and construction phase to identify and develop the sustainability goals required by the owner.
Thanks to this approach, the building used:

  • 20% of construction materials from recycled materials
  • 40% of regional building materials
  • 64% of FSC certified wood materials and will consume over 31% less than a traditional building and 47% less water, ensuring high comfort and indoor climate.


The building achieved the LEED PLATINUM Certification on April 2017.

Building "B" with this recognition comes into the short list, which nowadays counts a dozen buildings for office use, which have obtained the LEED Platinum Certification in Italy.

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