Hornsea Project One Onshore Substation

A combined earthing and lightning protection design for the onshore substation, to support the connection of the offshore windfarm to electricity transmission network

Business Time Project Coordinator
Energy Start Date: 2016 DONG Energy



RINA was commissioned to provide lightning protection and earthing design services for the development of an onshore 400 / 220kV substation. The substation will allow a large offshore windfarm to be connected to the UK transmission network.

The exposure of persons to potentially hazardous lightning and earth fault currents were required to be evaluated, to ensure a safe working area within the confines of the onshore substation. Furthermore, it was deemed essential to determine and mitigate the potential losses of supply to the UK network through lightning currents and surges.


Our team of experienced consultants worked closely with DONG Energy to develop efficient and cost effective earthing and lightning protection system designs, to meet UK standards and transmission company requirements.

To produce the complex designs, we undertook a series of activities including on-site soil resistivity measurements and earthing and lightning protection system simulations using industry leading software packages.


RINA provided a fully integrated and cost effective earthing and lightning protection system, which ensures the safety of persons working at the site and the protection of expensive assets.
Further support and guidance was provided to DONG Energy following the completion of the original project in order to aid the successful implementation of the earthing and lightning protection designs. After final construction of the substation, a commissioning test will be undertaken to confirm design performance.