Steel material inspections related to Armstrong Stadium in New York

A steel production on a work shop/due diligence of a complex project and schedule from different stakeholders to be executed in a very short time

Business Time Project Coordinator
Transport & Infrastructure Start Date: 2017 Atlantic Engineering Laboratories, Inc



In order to follow the steel production for the roof of the Louis Armstrong Stadium in Corona Park New York, with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) at earliest, RINA was requested to perform its test agency activities in an Italian shop. At first, the production had to last 4 months, but in total, it lasted 9 months’ time.

Most relevant activities to be performed were:

  • Analysis of all documents sent by the costumer and review of all the form used during the inspections;
  • Interface with all involved stakeholders (ex. USTA, Atlantic, Project Team Hunt, etc.) in order to organize and follow the job in a very fast time;    
  • Following the shop in Italy for the steel production with welding, NDT and painting inspectors from the beginning to the release of the materials;
  • Preparation of a list of advices for improve the test on the shop that was necessary for issue a good report;
  • Following the issue of the drawings in order to have an approved project before the building of the roof on the site;
  • A continuous work review of the documents arrived form the shop to be submitted to client and other stakeholders;
  • A continuous collaboration with the shop to end the production in established time and send with the last ship the released items. 

Major challenge of the service was to follow the production in a right way with the continuous request of the client in such a limited time without a good schedule of the shop production.


In order to provide the required service, RINA sent to the shop a multi-disciplinary team of inspectors:

  • Welding inspector;
  • NDT inspector;
  • Painting inspector;
  • Technical Coordinator and Supervision;
  • Project Manager.

Some of them were resident, because we needed a full time presence for welding and NDT activities.

With a continuous collaboration between the shop and our coordinator and project manager, we found the best solution to go away with the production and respect the schedule. At the end of the production, in a very short time, we sent to the client the certificates with the Release note of the items inspected.


The worldwide service coverage and the advice of a qualified international Company as RINA, gave the client the opportunity to have a partner in Italy that can validate the certificates in the respect of the international law, moreover providing valuable support, information and comments to complete the production in the most efficient way.
As an additional service, RINA also provided the client some peculiar information about the Design Verification, in order to obtain the approval of the project in time for the building realization.

Katia Vosilla