Material forming

Technologies directed both to materials’ end-users and semi-product manufacturers

To talk about "material forming" really means entering the heart of the manufacturing industry, which is a very complex world due to the technologies it requires.

In that respect, such technologies as: electron-beam forming for super alloys’ applications, hydroforming, laser forming, thixo-forging for steel and aluminium alloys’ usage, SPF-DB for titanium shaping and joining or RTM, infusion or resin film infusion for new CFRP integrated multifunctional solutions, will all be central in the design of a new sound conceptual process for material forming.

The product and semi-product development is also strengthened by modelling activities carried out through a rich set of both commercial and homemade SW tools, some of which integrate technological parameters like formability or castability with materials’ microstructural characteristics or oxidation surface affinity.


RINA’s material forming technological offer is directed both to materials’ end-users and to semi-product manufacturers. We count on a wide set of equipment:

Focus on labs & facilities

We perform material forming developments by means of the following facilities:

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