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Urban planning and design solutions

Developing an integrated urban vision is fundamental to achieve sustainable and liveable cities. This implies the definition of spatial and urban development based on careful planning and precise strategies to foster healthy and sustainable growth. Such process creates favourable conditions for unleashing the full socio/economic potential of a city.

Our planning strategy is based on an integrated approach, combining multidisciplinary engineering capabilities with urban design, planning, landscaping and architecture from selected architecture firms. We have successfully applied this approach in several projects around the world. We deliver our planning services to urban, regional or national scale in accordance with your needs and requirements.

Main benefits

Sustainability is the key factor in our planning services: we provide strategies for management and environmental education, sustainable management of water and wastewater services, energy efficiency and urban mobility.

Our goal is to reduce cities’ energy consumption through the analysis, planning and implementation of an integrated energy vision, based on the introduction of clean sources, the reduction of energy consumption, the achievement of energy efficiency and the adoption of effective energy management technologies.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


Main services for urban development projects:


We believe that the development of a healthy and safe environment creates the conditions for stable and sustainable city growth, enhancing people’s living conditions and economic development.

Thanks to our longstanding international experience and interdisciplinary team, we have the technical and policy expertise to provide cities and urban areas with integrated solutions to pave the way for their sustainable growth.

We support governments, municipalities and stakeholders in planning urban development, respectfully integrating present context and existing heritage and based on a long term sustainable vision.  

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