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Thanks to our experienced econometric modelling consultants, market and data analysts, RINA supports customers in the decision making processes, providing them the relevant information and data for decreasing risks related to innovation and market introduction: 


RINA provides complete and integrated consultancy services for the assessment of investments:

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Most remarkable projects

Client:  CDP Equity S.p.A. - Italy


  1. Technical assessment of hydrothermal liquefaction process at pilot site
  2. Evaluation of patent portfolio related to the W2F process
  3. Assessment of the financial-economic plan for scaling up the pilot and building and running the full scale refinery and Benchmarking against competitive waste valorisation technologies


One of the most remarkable results of the project was the establishment of a joint venture between CDP and an environmental company to exploit process for conversion of OFMSW into bio-oil by building up to 4 waste-to-fuel refineries in Italy.

Client:  CDP S.P.A - Italy


  1. Evaluation of economic and financial model
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Sensitivity analysis
  4. Stress test
  5. Public Sector Comparator and Analysis and Value for Money


The main result of the project has been the complete technical and economic due diligence of business plan for the tranport electrification in Italian Municipalities.  

Client: GEOFIELD SRL - Italy


  1. Market Analysis
  2. Evaluation of Monetary 


The main results of the project has been the Cost-Benefit Analysis and Socio-Economic Viability of a Gold Refinery. 

Client: Confindustria La Spezia - Italy


  1. Analysis and mapping of supply chain of  the 5 local top players (Fincantieri, Leonardo, Arsenale Militare, San Lorenzo Shypyards,Termomeccanica).
  2. Services/products demand and offer Match-Making finalised to the identification of business opportunities development for local players


One of the main results of the project was the drafting of more then 20 new contracts between the SMEs and LEs of territory.



Market research with aim to describe market trends of Non-Grain Oriented Electrical Steels (NGOES). 


  1. Analysis of global NGOES market, in terms of evolution trends, drivers and size, production value, trade etc.
  2. Description and evaluation of the main player 
  3. Description of regional markets
  4. Identification of main technological trends


The main results of the project has been the identification of  investment to be done on the bases of most promising NGOES grades identyfied by market analysis. 


Main activities carried out were market analysis, technology scouting and patents analysis about different market sectors with high potential for stainless steel applications:

  1. fuel cells;
  2. cryogenic;
  3. electrical vehicles;
  4. water bottling plants. 

The aim of the work was to analyze innovative or firm sectors where stainless steel could be applied to new potential applications or to satisfy severe costumers needs.  

A deep focus on each sector has  been useful for the steelmaker to maintain a valued production following market trends and patents trends. Finally for each sector were identified stainless steel grades and sizes mainly used.   


The main result of the prohect has been the organization of meetings with interesting and potential new costumers active in selected sectors. 


  1. Economic-financial characterization of actual business model operated by DEDEM for the commercial exploitation of Kiddie Rides Business line (created, manufactured and distributed by MP Group) 
  2. Kiddies Rides Market analysis and assessment, at global level (focus on 4 Region: Europe, North and South America and Asia)
  3. Identification, analysis and evaluation of two alternative business models (also applying lean start-up approach)  for the  Kiddie Rides Business Line based on the follow revenue models new products leasing plus sale of used products and new products leasing plus used products leasing 


The most remarkable result of the project has been acomplete economic analysis of alternative business models for Kiddies Rides. 

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