Market analysis and business modelling

Analysis of market opportunities to introduce new products or services

RINA supports large, medium and small sized enterprises in the analysis and in the identification of new market opportunities with the highest potential for the introduction of products, processes or services. Wherever necessary, we identify the most appropriate business models.


Market analysis activities support your decision making process and constitute a means for decreasing risks related to innovation and market introduction through:

We provide business modelling services by defining strategic paths for the market introduction of a given product, process or service with high technological content and high innovation potential.

Business intelligence and modelling activities are integrated with market analysis studies, enabling you to enhance the decision making process and to decrease the risks related to the innovation process through:


We are able to combine both technical and socio-economic skills, which are necessary when identifying lead markets or building new value propositions and value chains. Transferring best practices and examples from one application to the other, or across sectors, is a key competitive advantage for us.

This service allows you to reduce non-technical barriers and risks when approaching the market with new products or solutions, by identifying the key players involved in possible value propositions, constraints and opportunities, thus increasing impact and reducing time to market.

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