Maritime soft skills online workshop

Enrol this interactive course to gain the soft skills required for competent operations in shipping while operating the vessel

Maritime SOft Skills Workshop

Soft skills are the non-technical skills that are essential for building relationships and working effectively with others. These skills require the core inter-personal capabilities for listening and communicating and the willingness to develop attitudes for empathy, understanding and critical thinking, among others.

Can you improve your soft skills? Attend the course and let’s find out. 

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Dates: 8th & 9th March 2022

Duration: 10am to 4pm (CET) 

Price: EUR 500,00 (plus VAT) per attendee

This online (live) course has been developed to provide the participants (both ashore and on-board) with the information and knowledge about the soft skills required for competent operations in shipping while operating the vessel. To understand the ability and the techniques to renew the set of skills with respect to individual and team performance. To provide specific and practical knowledge of how the on-board and ashore personnel can cope with 21st century’s tasks.

Professionals, engineers, managers and executives that are interested in comprehending the soft skills concept and enhancing those skills. For instance, the On-shore Managers, Office Personnel, On-board Officers, Port Captains, Safety Auditors, Crew members.

Introduction - Safety awareness

The Human Element as a contributing and remedial factor for marine safety

Shipping Companies Tasks of the 21st century

Non-technical /Soft skills

Resilience and Resilience Engineering




Conflict Management/Handling

Situational awareness

Decision making

Self-Management / Self Development

Working under Pressure / Work Habits

Keeping things in Perspective

Work with non-technical skills

Practical cases and exercises combining the new on-board and ashore tasks and the process to proceed with team working and acceptable decision making