Light materials

Alloy phase composition and surface properties

Light Alloys’ exploitation for new product development is empowered by the use of refined simulation tools, allowing an easy prediction of the alloy phase composition and the assessment of its mechanical and surface properties.

These models also guide RINA team in defining the best deformation practices and recrystallization kinetics aimed at maximising the strength, the strain to failure and the toughness of light alloys, whilst at the same time guaranteeing the demanded geometrical tolerances of the final product prototype, both flat and 3D.

Furthermore, we are expanding our own capabilities to the super plasticity and diffusional bonding typical of aluminium, titanium and magnesium alloys, thus becoming a reliable partner for new boarder-edge product development.


Metallic composites

The steep ascent of knowledge about light alloy metallurgy was matched by a striking growth of both long fibre and particulate reinforced metal matrix composites.

This makes us involved in advanced development projects, whose success is strictly related to the technological and metallurgical key-points connected to the microstructure of super plasticised titanium and aluminium alloys.

In this technological field, which conjugates highly refined metallurgical approaches with the philosophy of handicraft production, we are in charge of the full product cycle from the concept up to prototype testing.


In the field of intermetallic material, we specialize in the correlation between its chemistry, microstructure, workability and functional-related characteristics (e.g. mechanical properties, corrosion and oxidation behaviour), thanks to a right balance between the material chemistry and the thermomechanical process conditions.

This is made possible thanks to a complete set of tools like:

Polymeric composites

With regard to the aerospace and defence sector, we focus on technologies such as liquid composite moulding techniques, which are not yet of common practice in the Italian industry.

Our technological offer in the field of polymeric composites covers a wide spectrum of possibilities, embracing such topics as:

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