Lifts Directive

Third-party assessment of the lifts conformity

Directive 2014/33/EU requires that, prior to their commissioning, lifts must pass a conformity assessment by a Notified Body, or receive a CE marking and be commissioned directly by the installation company, but only if the latter operated with a certified management system under the said Directive.

Service Details

Companies already structured according to the requirements of ISO 9001 can operate according to the forms H1, D and E of the Directive (Annexes XI and XII).

Certification Procedure


We work throughout Italy, as well as at the main industry forums, with a network of competent technicians with up-to-date training and supported by a team of experts from the lift and elevator industry.


Who should present the application for a new lift to be tested?
The request must be submitted by the installer.

Which documents must be submitted for the purpose of checking the conformity of a lift?
The list of the documentation is given in paragraph 3.1 of Annex V or paragraph 3 of Annex VIII of Directive 2014/33/EU.

What tests are required for the certification of a lift or an elevator?
The tests and verifications to be carried out are those provided by applicable harmonised product standards (e.g. in Annex D2 of EN 81-1 or 2).

When installing lifts with reduced spaces in a pit or in a pre-existing shaft, what procedures are foreseen?
A Certificate of Preventive Acceptance shall be issued to the building owner where alternative security measures are required due to structural, regulatory or third-party rights constraints.

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