Leonardo Hull software

Structural analysis of ships by means of direct calculations

The 3-D module of Leonardo HULL performs a finite element analysis of ship structures, which provides visual feedback of hull capability, including a fatigue check of structural details.
It also supports a programme of planned maintenance management based on the programmed updating of hull scantlings in accordance with survey measurements, thereby facilitating the accurate prediction of corrosion rates and steel renewal dates.
Use of Leonardo Hull for both design and drawing approval speeds up the process and facilitates reporting and communication between the shipyard and RINA. Furthermore, our software identifies critical areas at a very early stage and reduces the risk of delay during the drawing approval phase and construction.

Software details

A design platform with 3D specialised features for modelling structures such as bulkheads, stools, trunks, specifically tailored for ship design. It allows visual checks on the scantlings and overall checks on data consistency across the entire model.
The 2D analysis tool helps the designer from the early stages of hull structure definition, and performs fatigue checks. The program includes some specific calculation capabilities, such as structural verification in ultimate strength conditions and torsion checks of ships with large deck openings.
The software also carries out FEM analysis.
The post-processing includes analysis of results obtained, such as modal displacement and element stress. Moreover, stresses acting on model elements are checked according to the RINA and IACS CSR yielding, buckling, and fatigue of structural details


The direct linkage between the software and RINA scantling verification Rules and IACS Common Structural Rules allows customers to have them smoothly integrated into the design and production process.
Furthermore, we offer specific training from our senior engineers to ensure efficient integration of the software into the shipyard’s design process.

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