Leonardo Draw software

A 360° management of plan approval process information

Leonardo DRAW is a software application developed by RINA as a support tool in the drawing approval process. Its main functionalities are document recording, management of the outcome of the examination and remarks, electronic drawing examination, and monitoring of project progress.
Through the features of Leonardo DRAW, shipyards can view its own ship data and documents, approval letter and copy of the approved drawings, in case of electronic approval.


Leonardo DRAW can provide real time monitoring of:

  • Drawings being processed by RINA
  • Progress status of approval
  • Documents to be sent to RINA in order to complete project approval and the missing information
  • Status of remarks.

A highlight of the Leonardo software is the automatic generation of “Missing information for approval”, that compares the received drawings with the list of requested drawings, giving shipyards a tool for monitoring the status of the project, and the opportunity to react promptly in order to address remarks.


Leonardo DRAW is an exclusive RINA software that allows very close collaboration on ship design projects, real time feedback and the possibility for both parties to follow the entire process.

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