Laboratory testing

Soil, rock and material testing for various types of projects

GET (Geotechnical & Engineering Testing) is our laboratory for soil and rock testing. Our services include standard geotechnical testing for conventional site investigations, as well as advanced dynamic and cyclic tests required for the most challenging projects. A seamless interaction between the laboratory and our geotechnical engineers creates positive synergy from the preliminary phases of experimental program design to the final data interpretation.  

GET provides specialised testing including standard and advanced triaxial tests, DSS, ring shear, bender elements, oedometer (IL and CRS) tests for soil. For rock testing, we offer high pressure triaxial test, joint shear, measurements of Young’s modulus and Poisson ratio. For materials testing, our laboratory services cover aggregate characterisation, slate and plastic cement-bentonite grouts testing. 

Recently, our laboratory has been accredited by ACCREDIA with the ISO/IEC 17025, a globally recognised standard that guarantees laboratories’ adherence to meet the most stringent criteria for quality and proficiency in testing and calibration results. 


RINA laboratory is equipped for all standard geotechnical soil and rock testing. In addition, we provide advanced specialized testing, including: 

- Soil: CAUC, CAUE, ring shear, cyclic tri-axial, bender elements 

- Rock: very high-pressure tri-axial (70 MPa), joint shear, drilling & abrasiveness 

- Materials: plastic cement-bentonite grouts. 


We provide testing wherever customers require in our fully equipped laboratory in Genoa (Italy), in one of your facilities, or in one of our containerized field laboratories, certified for offshore use. 

Our laboratory operates in conformity with the highest quality standards, and testing is performed according to ASTM, BS, AFNOR, ISRM and UNI EN standards. 

RINA geosciences team

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