The Made in Italy certification mark

This certification is an opportunity to protect your ‘Made in Italy’ claim from counterfeiting, from ‘Italian Sounding’, and from producers, both in Italy and abroad, who describe their products as ‘Made in Italy’ without guaranteeing the values of excellence and quality that are supposed to underlie such claim.

The service is offered in collaboration with Italian Identity, an independent international non-profit organisation that promotes the Italian identity of goods and products.

All companies registered with the Italian Chambers of Commerce (and therefore having their registered office in Italy) can apply for certification; the same applies to businesses that trade in products manufactured by Italian companies.

Service details

The ITALCHECK Certification Scheme is a voluntary and independent instrument. It complies with the criteria established by the current legislation on ‘Made in Italy’ claims and by the Italian National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC), which supports the collective, voluntary and independent trade-mark institutions that work to better identify and promote the quality of Italian products to the public.

Certification procedure


RINA was among the supporters of Italian Identity, as well as a partner in developing the technical content of the scheme and in its first startup phase.


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