Certification of containers

Independent, third-party inspection and certification on new and existing containers and intermodal units

Containers and intermodal equipment are everywhere: making sure they are fit for service is a responsibility and a global on-going task. 

RINA provides independent, third-party inspection and certification on new and existing containers and intermodal units according to international standards and regulations along with those criteria specified by manufacturers and owners. Inspection services allow freight transported in intermodal containers to move between multiple modes of transportation including road, rail and ship.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Service details

Our inspection and certification services cover:

Regulatory Focus

Our inspection services cover international regulations, standards and codes related to intermodal and marine containers transportation including:



RINA has been dealing with containers inspection for decades and every year inspects more than 200.000 containers worldwide. Our technical management is highly experienced in design supervision and container factories start-ups.

Our experienced inspectors and engineers provide qualified services, thanks to their expertise in containers, intermodal transport, manufacturing conditions, welding, protective treatments, repairs criteria, metallurgy and coating. We guarantee a fast and accurate service focused at ensuring the units meet required standards, as well as instant quotations and a fast and cost-effective completion of the service.


How long does it take from order to inspection?
From client’s official periodical inspection work-order, the completion of the service is guaranteed within 3 working days, if location is included in our covered ports and hubs.

How long does it take from inspection to issue of inspection report?
The issue of the periodical certificates is scheduled within 24 hours after inspection completion.

Can you tell from an expired certificate or container plate which inspection we need?
We are competent and updated in all safety and compliance matters. Our quotation will include all applicable requirements and tests to be performed.

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