Integrated logistical support & service solutions

Providing support solutions that ensure operational availability of critical assets

With operational availability of critical assets being the highest priority for our clients, we focus on ensuring that the supporting infrastructure and services are considered at the earliest stages of a development programme. 

We often get involved with re-negotiations or extensions of support contracts to provide advice on improvements and to ensure that both operator and supplier achieve a ‘win-win’ relationship.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


One of our core strengths is ensuring that long-term capability is designed from the outset to deliver your required operational effect, whilst optimising through-life costs. We adopt a systems engineering approach to produce performance-based support solutions. Our aim is to provide assurance and verification of your design, and deliver a tailored and sustainable support solution. 

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