IFS Global Markets Food

Supporting businesses in implementing their own food product safety system

The IFS Global Markets – Food is a standardized food safety assessment program for retailers as well as industry branded food products.

It is meant to support “small and/or less developed businesses” in the development of their food safety management systems and making the first step towards the implementation of the IFS Food Standard.

The program aims to facilitate local market access, create mutual acceptance along the supply chain, and provide with a framework to assist small and less developed companies with: Mentoring, Development, Assessment.

The Program consists out of two different Level checklists, which requirements should be fulfilled within a defined timeframe: 1. Basic Level Requirements 2. Intermediate Level Requirements 3. IFS Food Certification.


We have a long time experience in IFS Standards with a global network of competent and expert auditors.

Giulia Bughi Peruglia Sustainability & Food Certification Compliance Scheme Leader

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