Hybrid and electrical propulsion

Support to owners who want to install this type of equipment

The “go-to-green” race has been going on since a few years, but today, the “more tech-ecological” ship award  is even more desired. Low emissions, global warming and energy efficiency are the main issues that ship owners and shipyards have to face regardless the purpose of the ship (luxury yacht, ferry boat, taxi boat, vessel, etc.).

The use of electric motors, power converters, drives, “DC grid” distribution devices, PLCs and all other equipment related to the automation world, allows greater efficiency and minor costs. The electrical power vector can be easily and efficiently transformed and used, giving more features to the hybrid/electric propulsion, compared to traditional propulsion.

New Lithium-Ion solutions allow the storage of much more energy, saving weight and volume. High technology control systems, the Battery Management System, ensure batteries work properly and safely. Also improvements at a chemical level and control tools for charge and discharge, contribute to overcome explosion and fire risks.  Last but not least, more lasting battery life.


RINA follows closer giving the best support to our customers. In the marine sector, guidelines concerning electric propulsion plant and hybrid propulsion have been developed and are part of the Rules since years.
Lithium-Ion batteries installation and control solutions, for safety and performance pursue, have been studied together with some manufacturers and customers that first asked for them on board of their vessels. Dedicated rules concerning Lithium-Ion batteries have been issued, and now RINA can give an efficient support to those who want to install this type of equipment. Remembering also that our type approval certification section is always available to give the best service for all new technology implementation.


RINA has always been open minded about new technologies, and our target is to create, together with customers, the best vessels with the right compromise between technology and reliability, taking into account safety first.

Fiorenzo Spadoni UK Marine and Global Yachting Commercial Director

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