Homeland security

Integrated engineering services to solve homeland security challenges: national borders, government assets and critical infrastructure protection.

The concept of homeland security was born in the US after the September 11 attacks in response to the growing terrorist threats and it quickly spread worldwide. The concept integrates different strategies for national borders security, government assets and critical infrastructure protection.

Service details

We offer our consultancy services, technical and managerial support to national and international agencies and organizations to help solve security challenges in complex environments such as airports, ports, land and maritime borders.

We mainly provide these services to governmental institutions that want to establish surveillance and security systems, both for the early detection of potential threats (terroristic attacks, illegal immigration, smuggling, oil spills, pollution) to these critical areas and for the  provision of support to search and rescue operations, humanitarian and health emergencies.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


Our homeland security services include:

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