High temperature alloys

Ferrous materials and special alloys for high temperature application

RINA has been developing a vast know-how in the field of ferrous materials and special alloys for high temperature application, specifically with regards to physical metallurgy, alloy and metallurgical design, advanced microstructural characterization, up-to-date metallographic and mechanical investigation techniques, through-process metallurgy and structural integrity.

Among the fields of application, our experience and knowledge has been extended also to the Energy and Aerospace & Defence sectors.

Service details

We aim at increasing the pre-existing metallurgical culture, addressed at understanding the micro-mechanisms for creep and creep-fatigue, in order to improve modelling, advance the development of top-edge ferritic, ferritic-martensitic and austenitic steels for pipes, tubes, sheet and forged components - destined to work at 700÷750 °C and over - and solve any problems to them related (e.g. failure analysis on damaged mechanics and structural parts).


Our expertise covers the following areas:


We have participated in some of the most important European projects for the development of high temperature materials, such as VAMAS, BRITE, “European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research” (e.g. COST 501, 522, 536 – Alloy development for Critical Component of Environmental friendly Power planT - ACCEPT) and AD700.

We are an active actor within European collaborative scientific and technical initiatives and one of the founders of the European Creep Collaborative Committee (ECCC).

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