Heat treatment

Alloy research, with regard to chemical and physical metallurgy

Heat Treatment Laboratory is specialized in alloy research, especially with regard to the chemical and physical metallurgy of materials and processes.

The set of furnaces deployed in the laboratory enable us to select the temperature-time cycles that can maximize the mechanical features of the material, with the purpose of giving them the best microstructure that will steer the process towards solutions and guarantee the highest possible performance.


Our laboratory is equipped with six muffle furnaces. Two of these furnaces can reach a maximum temperature of 1300 °C, achievable thanks to two silicon carbide heating elements. The remaining four furnaces can reach 1050°C. Their heating-up speed ranges between 200¸300 °C/h, whereas the closed-furnace cooling-down velocity falls within 60 ¸ 80°C/h.

Such facilities carry out water quenching and oil quenching treatments, which are then followed by forced air cooling in the case of small-sized samples, if required.

The temperature evolution is registered by thermocouples. At the moment, temperature trends are recorded on paper sheets. Future implementations of the acquisition system will allow an electronic treatment of the signals by means of a 4-channel data-logger.

Focus on the laboratory

The following devices are available in our laboratory in Rome (Italy):

The laboratory located in Terni (Italy) is endowed with:

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