Health and safety

Ensures workers’ safety during construction

Construction safety management is intended to ensure that a project is properly developed and executed from the point of view of workers’ safety and involves specialized services during both the design and construction phases.

This is particularly important in large projects, such as the construction of a new transport or marine infrastructure, for projects of urban renovation, or in general for projects involving a high degree of complexity from the technical or logistic point of view.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Regulatory focus

Following international directives and national regulations, these services, generally mandatory in the public sector, are carried out by a certified officer, identified as Safety Coordinator or Safety Manager.


The Safety Coordinator is appointed by the owner and is responsible for safety issues in the design phase and for worker/public safety during construction.  
Proper safety management services ensure compliance of the project with the following issues:


Within RINA, the services related to safety coordination and supervision are typically provided through a specialized technical team, although the legal responsibility remains with the appointed person (Safety Coordinator) and involve both site activities, for the direct control of the works, and office activities, for the required technical support.

In particular, our team includes engineers and technicians certified as design and construction safety officers, according to the relevant national regulations. Because of the extensive experience gained in the field of both work supervision and safety management, we are perfectly equipped to offer a comprehensive and fully coordinated service as far as supervision of construction activities is concerned.

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