Grid connection and power quality

Planning, design and grid connection of conventional and renewable plants

Full grid integration studies and system studies are performed, through state of the art simulation software, in compliance with the relevant national grid codes and standards.

A smooth process and risk mitigation is ensured through electrical feasibility studies, on-site measurements, consultancy on international grid codes and compliance assessments.

Both steady-state and dynamic power system performance are analysed, achieving effective integration of renewable generation.

The context

Economies around the world depend on the availability of reliable low cost power, and increasingly renewable projects are providing viable alternatives to meet those needs and mitigate our impacts on the environment.

Nevertheless, in order to guarantee the stability of the electrical grid, TNOs and DNOs impose that energy production companies who wish to be connected to the grid respect the rules.

This means that the given energy production company has to build its installation with the necessary constructive capacities and performances required by grid codes.


Grid connection analysis and compliance studies for renewable generators (such as PV plants or wind farms), as well as conventional ones, include:

Design, management and independent due diligence for grid connections include:


Thanks to a highly responsive and informed consultancy service, RINA customers are able to make investment decisions with confidence at any time during a project’s lifecycle.

We have completed harmonic studies on numerous renewable projects and worked on generation projects of all sizes.

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