Green plus for yachts

A voluntary notation based on environmental performance

GREEN PLUS is a goal-based class notation committed to environmentally friendly shipping: it is based on an environmental performance index, which covers all aspects of the vessel’s impact on the environment, including carbon emissions.
The class notation will be granted to new vessels that make a significant investment in design solutions, onboard equipment, and operational procedures which contribute to an improvement in environmental performance beyond the minimum levels required by international regulation on environmental protection.

Focus on Onboard Energy Management

RINA, in cooperation with some cruise operators, has developed a special energy management package, which addresses both design and operational aspects in order to monitor and reduce the fuel consumption on board.
Main benefits are:


The goal-based approach, rather than being prescriptive, ensures sufficient in-built flexibility to allow designers the latitude to choose the tools they deem to be most appropriate to achieve an assigned value in an environmental index.
This is particularly thought to encourage the introduction of new technologies, which our team will evaluate case by case.
The Green Plus Yacht Certification addresses a set of different pollution sources, and lists, for each, a set of operative and design solutions, which can help prevent them.
Each item is associated to a score, which adds up to the calculation of a ship’s environmental index that determines the outcome of the certification.

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