Green Bond

Validation service of the reference documents for the issuance of green bonds and green bonds issuance

A green bond is a bond specifically earmarked to be used for climate and environmental projects. These bonds are typically asset-linked and backed by the issuer's balance sheet, and are also referred to as climate bonds.

Green bonds are designated bonds intended to encourage sustainability and to support climate-related or other types of special environmental projects. More specifically, green bonds finance projects aimed at energy efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainable agriculture, fishery and forestry, the protection of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, clean transportation, sustainable water management and the cultivation of environmentally friendly technologies.

Legal framework

For the moment, the most used reference requirements to attest a bond as "green" are “The Green Bond Principles – GBP” issued by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

The GBP have four core components:

However, the regulatory scenario is rapidly evolving because Europe is working to create a European standard and a validation and verification scheme for Green Bonds and ISO to create an international standard (ISO 14030).

Description of the service

RINA provides a validation service of the reference documents for the issuance of green bonds or green bonds themselves to give assurances to the users regarding their compliance with agreed validation criteria.

Validation criteria used normally by RINA are the following:

RINA offers a post-issuance verification service to give assurance to the users regarding the actual use of the proceeds with the validated reference document.

Certification procedure


RINA has a long-running experience in the field of sustainability and is accredited /recognized by accreditation body/scheme owners for the most important certification schemes in sustainability sectors.

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