Qualifying certification for agricultural producers

GlobalGAP product certification is a prominent competitive tool in the agricultural product market and a qualifier for producers, especially those supplying to major European and international retailers.
It allows to clearly define the health and safety features of products, thus reducing production costs in the long run and responding to the growing demands of food safety and environmental protection.

Regulatory Focus

Created in 1997 by Eurep (Euro Retailer Produces Working Group) as an initiative of some of the major European distribution chains, GlobalGAP defines the standard for the development of the best production techniques in the fruit and vegetable growing sector.
The GlobalGAP protocol is a true guidebook for good agricultural practices, leading to the creation of an integrated management system of rules for the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables, and fresh produce in general.

Certification Procedure


RINA has gained extensive expertise in the agri-food industry, over the years gaining the reputation of a reliable partner for the companies seeking to gain access to the most important European markets, where the GlobalGAP standard is one of the most important supplier selection criteria.


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