ISO 14064 Certification

Independent validation and verification of greenhouse gas inventories and emission reduction projects

ISO 14064 certification, which is part of a series of initiatives undertaken in the field of GHG emissions, allows companies to operate, voluntarily and concretely, in the area of greenhouse gas reduction.
The main benefits of this service are:

GHG inventory

The ISO 14064-1 standard determines the requirements for organisations and businesses that voluntarily quantify and report the emissions associated with their activities. With respect to the design, development and reporting of GHG inventories, the standard determines its boundaries, identifies specific actions or activities aimed at improving their management, and establishes the criteria for their removal.

GHG reduction projects

The independent validation and verification of voluntary emission reduction programs, in compliance with the principles and requirements of the ISO 14064-2 standard, focuses on the quantification, monitoring and reporting of projects relating to emissions GHG and/or their removal.

Audit process


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