Hands-on experience in all areas of offshore geotechnics

We provide cost-effective solutions for onshore construction, expertise in dams and mining, as well as hands-on experience in all areas of offshore geotechnics.

Our projects include offshore platforms, subsea structures, pipelines, floating structures, anchoring systems and suction piles, onshore industrial applications, mining projects, and tailing dams.

We provide advanced solutions in seismic and earthquake engineering and our team has advanced skills in non-linear dynamic modelling, especially for deep water soil conditions. We believe that a thorough understanding of site conditions is essential for a successful project. 


We provide geotechnical services for: 

- Soil characterisation 

- Subsea foundation design 

- Seismic slope stability 

- Dynamic soil-structure interaction 

- Laboratory testing 


Our decennial and solid experience in geotechnical engineering helps to prevent complications before they happen for the most challenging projects offshore and onshore.

RINA geosciences team

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