Geosciences Research and Development

Innovation to foster excellence in the geosciences field

Innovation is at the core of our strategy, and we aim to foster excellence in the geosciences field. We practice research and development to tackle current and future challenges and provide the clients with cutting-edge solutions. Our multidisciplinary team updates continuously its expertise and technical capabilities, working side by side with universities and research units, and regularly contributes to scientific publications.

In this framework, the most innovative projects, in which our team has been actively involved, are: 

- Development of a seismic alert system for Oil&Gas offshore fields 

- Development of a risk assessment methodology for earthquake-triggered  

- NaTech accidents in major hazard facilities 

- Joint Industry Partnership “Cone Penetration Testing in Silty Soils (CSi)” via the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator programme 

- Development of a smart and integrated ground model for Offshore Wind Farms 

- Behaviour of suction caissons installation in transitional soils 

- Research of new methodologies for fault displacement hazard analysis and PFDHA 

- Research related to induced seismicity for carbon capture storages 

- Probabilistic evaluations of liquefaction 

- Tutoring of PhD founded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (i.e. SLATE) 

Furthermore, our team co-supervises industrial doctoral PhD candidates and internships. Such a program ensures collaboration, interaction and integration between the university and industry, and provides growth opportunities leading with no doubts to innovations and developments in our strategic areas.

We sponsor the teaching course of “Offshore Geotechnical Engineering” teaching course at the Technical University of Milan and tutor a Research Grant in collaboration with CNR and the University of Genoa.

Our specialists contribute actively to seminars and participate in technical modules with the aim of nurturing the next generation of offshore geotechnical engineers who will play a pivotal role in the wide-ranging energy transition.

Human capital is our greatest strength, and we maintain close ties with the academic world to offer our experience and expertise in service of future generations. 

RINA geosciences team

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