From identification of the hazards to the assessment of the consequences

We have been continuously active in geohazard engineering since the 1970’s offering specialized support to develop a stage-wise approach to perform geohazard and risk assessment and lower the overall project risk profile for engineering facilities design.

We provide complete geohazard service, considering site characteristics and geological conditions that can potentially damage the facility. We support clients all the way from concept selection to project construction. Whether the project is about laying a deepwater pipeline, cable or building an offshore wind farm or an onshore plant, we have the expertise to supply the engineering solutions needed to decrease project risk. We have performed more than 60 worldwide complex projects in the last 10 years. 


We combine geophysics, marine geology, sedimentology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, seismic engineering, and numerical analysis to identify and to provide a quantitative characterization of geohazards at a site. The results are used to implement mitigation measures and lower the overall risk profile of a project. 

We offer the following services: 

- Desktop Study 
- Survey Planning and Optimization  
- Geophysical and Geological Survey Support 
- Geophysical Interpretation and Mapping 
- Core Logging Interpretation and Dating 
- Fault Displacement Hazard 
- Pipeline and cable route optimization 
- Hydro-sedimentary study 
- 3D Ground Model  
- GIS service (i.e. compliant to SSDM and PODS) 
- Geohazard Engineering Modelling (e.g. landslide runout evaluation, debris flow modeling, rock falls, site response, seismic slope stability, liquefaction, etc.) 
- Geohazard and Risk Assessments  

Our project experience includes: 

- Deepwater Pipelines and Subsea Facilities 
- Onshore Pipeline and Facilities 
- Offshore Platform 
- Floating Wind Farms & Power Cables 
- LNG terminals 
- Ports and Infrastructures 
- Nuclear and Conventional Power Plants 
- Mining 


Our highly qualified multi-disciplinary project team combines geophysics, marine geology, sedimentology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, seismic engineering and numerical modelling to provide a quantitative characterization of the site. 

RINA geosciences team

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