Gap analysis

Verify the compliance of an asset to national and local regulations

Gap analysis service is aimed to verify the compliance of an asset to national and local regulations as well as project and clients specifications.
It is carried out by a team of our specialists appointed on the basis of the scope of the requested compliance. It is aimed to provide detailed information regarding the areas of compliance and/or concern which need to be addressed in order to obtain the full compliance.
Important part of the activity is also the support to client in the discussion with Administrations and/or final clients aimed to find the best solution in compliance with applicable rules or specifications


The activities are normally divided in different phases which are complementary to each other.
The basis of the activity is the document review focused on the compliance to be achieved. Based on the result of said activity it may be requested to perform also an onboard verification of the compliance, in order to confirm the outcome of the the result of the document review or to complete the verification, in case some information were missing.
In case the activity will be limited to the document review only, we will talk about desktop verification.
Otherwise the full verification inclusive of inspection will be defined as gap analysis report. In this case RINA will also support Client in dealing with the Flag or authorities or final clients. A phase of paramount importance in order to finalize acceptable solutions necessary to obtain the requested compliance.


RINA, collaborating for decades with different EPC contractors in marine, Oil & Gas, industry and different Oil companies, gained a remarkable experience in carrying out different types of gap analysis.
Strong of its recognition with more than 110 flag administrations we have the capability to assess the compliance against different regulations over the world and to cooperatively discuss with Flags and final Clients representatives in order to support the clients in finding the best solution in different areas of concern.

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