Tribological Testing


With the term tribology it is intended the science which studies the interactions between two surfaces in relative motion. Such matter encompasses friction, wear, lubrication and design of the coupling itself.

Tribological phenomena are most commonly associated to machine elements like cams, brakes, bearings, gears but surface interactions are part of our everyday life such as for example in switches, connectors, scissors and so on. Understanding the tribological behaviour of two bodyes within a system allows to know  the damage mechanisms and their outcome on the whole system allowing also to define its service life. 

Tribological tests performed in CSM laboratory can help to to:

To characterise the tribological properties CSM can adopt standard as well as customised tests adapting existing equipment or developing taylored test rigs to reproduce specific configurations according to operative conditions required.

Standard Testing & Equipment


RINA laboratories, equipment, and highly qualified personnel are able to provide detailed analysis and customized consultancy, based on over twenty years’ experience in the powder market, since its origins, through projects, patents, and gaining experience on metallic and non-metallic powders, used for additive manufacturing, sintering, and coating technologies. RINA CSM has been part of the additive market, and offers specific support on the customers’ requirements, supporting the selection of supplier, material, and post-process treatments for the specific application sector.

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