Full scale testing

OCTG product development and characterization

A Full-Scale-Test Laboratory has opened a specialized window on the world of OCTG product development and characterization.

Based on “premium connection” and “pipelines and ducts” sections, the laboratory is involved in the onshore and offshore technology business, representing a testing supplier for steel tubular products manufacturers and end-user oil & gas companies.

Premium connection section

This section is endowed with the following testing apparatus:

A bucking unit, equipped with a dedicated data acquisition PC and designed to handle joints with a diameter range between 2 3/8” and 14” and exerting a maximum torque of 68kN*m (50000lb*ft)

It is addressed to submit “premium joints” for the characterization and qualification, in terms of galling resistance through repeated make-up and break-out cycles, and for over-torque tests and torque-to-yield tests

A combined loads facility, developed to submit “premium joints” to salability tests with combined loads (i.e. tension, compression, internal pressure, external pressure, bending) and failure tests.

Pipelines and ducts section

This section, equipped with ad hoc facilities for testing base plates, pipes, welded joints, tubular connections, etc., is able to reproduce the whole spectrum of in-field service conditions (high pressure, low temperature, fatigue, combined loading, dynamic impact, etc.).

This equipment allows us to characterise materials and components in terms of:

Within our facilities, we are able to perform the following tests:

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