Foundations and underground structures

Soft soils, tunnelling applications, large excavations and embankments

Most infrastructure projects have important geotechnical components. Large excavations and underground structures require adequate experience in soil / rock mechanics and engineering geology.


We offer a great expertise in the field of instability phenomena, providing design and consulting services for large soil or rock slides. We have designed remedial measures for a variety of landslides, involving volumes up to 30,000,000 m3.

Our highly skilled engineers can assist you in any problem regarding foundations on soft soil. We have successfully solved challenging problems relating to low bearing capacity, for example in the case of a big concrete structure founded on silts and peats of a large swamp.

We support you in the design and construction of embankments under critical conditions, like those made of clay and granular materials poured into running waters.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


In the field of tunnelling applications, we perform design activities and support you in the construction of large tunnels, caverns and shafts in different geological formations, from massive rock to clay, and under various groundwater conditions.

When it comes to large excavations, we can provide design solutions for cases affected by numerous adverse conditions like dewatering problems, excavation in soft material with high liquefaction potential, deep excavations under the groundwater level, and in seismic areas.

Our experience during the design and construction of the new Panama Canal Locks has represented a challenging and unique opportunity to apply and further develop our expertise.

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