Feasibility studies for LNG and CNG

Natural gas: an answer in the field of emissions reductions

The uncertainty of the current legislative and economic framework gives ship-owners a wide range of possible solutions for choosing the most appropriate fuel:

The regulations governing sulphur emissions by ships have an impact on both new and existing ships.
This involves making choices (sometimes different) for new ships and existing ships.
Natural gas is one of the answers to regulatory requirements in the field of emissions reductions.


RINA can provide added value as regards quality, competence and experience in the management of complex operations, such as the evaluation of a project for a new gas tanker or the retrofit of an existing ship.
Our good relations with all Flag Administrations allow us to support its customers with individual Flag Administrations concerning an issue that has not yet been regulated at international level: gas as a marine fuel.


In recent years, the skills of RINA in the field of natural gas have been consolidated with experience at international level, such as the classification of the first offshore regasifier with loading arms capable of allowing the safe transfer of LNG between two offshore units.
RINA can act as a partner in the analysis of each particular case and in the choice of the most appropriate and cost-effective technical solution, depending on the type of ship, the geographical area of use, navigation, speed and route, etc.

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