Feasibility studies

Studies on the development and integrity of large new buildings projects

Feasibility studies address the various challenges associated to the development of new critical and large new buildings projects granting their integrity.
The key added value of this service is the possibility to have a quick and competent response and support, when the design mistakes have a very low cost i.e. in the pre contractual phase. This improves dramatically the final outcome of the project.

Service Details

The classification of new and critical units cannot be totally based on prescriptive rules, but needs to be supported by specific approaches granted by ad-hoc analyses, risk assessment and, when required, Technology Qualification.
For these reasons, RINA, in its role of Class and regulatory company, can express its best results when involved at a very early stage of the design.


Cutting-edge tools and models and hundreds of man year’s expertise are used to provide specialist studies throughout project development, from concept selection to detailed design. A multidisciplinary team of expert technicians can be assembled to cover all needed peculiar aspects of large and/or critical new buildings.


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