Feasibility and development

A development support consultancy service is the first step that a developer should take in determining the feasibility of a potential project

Before undertaking and submitting a planning application and grid connection application, it is essential to understand the constraints, risks and impacts of a project.
Such services are required to achieve planning approval and receive a grid connection offer for renewable energy projects, to the point where a project can be considered viable for contract tendering and achieve the status of a bankable project.

Service details

An inherent advantage is gained by engaging us in your project development process since, in addition to managing the planning process, we also undertake the design of the project and produce all the necessary technical drawings required for planning.
At the first stage of the development of a project, we will review a proposed site from a technical, planning and environmental perspective, to identify site constraints and risks. Based on this, we will develop an appropriate project design / layout and calculate the potential MW capacity and yield.
Conceptual and detailed designs are critical to achieving successful high quality projects. We offer optimised conceptual and preliminary design sets, which comply with applicable codes and standards and support your issuance of project RFP packages.



Thanks to an extensive experience as a global engineering consultancy company for the renewable energy market, RINA has valuable know-how concerning the design and review of entire PV plant technical projects. Customers will benefit from a multi-disciplinary team of senior engineers with expertise in utility-scale PV plants.

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