FAT, SIT, string and SAT services

Final Acceptance Test, Systems Integration Testing, Site Acceptance Testing

FAT, SIT, String and SAT are provided and overseen to help clients lessen the chance that non-conformities get through the supply chain which may increase the risk of failure, impact a project schedule, cause costly overruns, loss of life or environmental impacts.

FAT/SAT/String and SIT tests are not carried out due to compulsory requirements, but they should be done in clients’ interests in all the cases where we get highly complex critical equipment packages, equipment with new technology and when installation on site is complicated.

Service details

Final Acceptance Test (FAT) is the factory acceptance test of equipment at the vendor’s workshop.

String testing is the factory functional testing of entire equipment trains (examples pump plus turbines and compressors), and their support systems.

Systems Integration Testing (SIT) is the factory or site testing of complete equipment packages and its controls systems (hard and software.) An example being subsea production systems.

Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) is the testing acceptance test of equipment and check of relevant documentation at the site of use of the equipment.

The above tests are normally all carried out against approved test procedures.


Statements of Compliance against approved test procedures and with the applicable specifications or Inspection/Test reports are the typical deliverables for these services.

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