Failure analysis

Metallurgical evaluation and corrosion mechanism studies

A systematic, multi-disciplinary failure analysis approach is crucial to understand the causes of asset failure, in order to advise on remedial action and provide support in case of litigations.

Equipment failure requires a quick and expert response, gathering forensic evidence and establishing the root cause of a failure – with clear advice to prevent similar events in the future. Determining the root cause of failure can be the key to avoid further costly contingencies, affecting both business performance and hard-earned reputations.



RINA’s asset specialists and state of the art laboratory facilities help manufacturers, operators and other stakeholders understand why the failure occurred and which were the contributing factors.

We routinely support manufacturers, owner operators, insurers, loss adjusters, lawyers and stakeholders across all business and industrial sectors.

Our high-level equipment, such as tools for surveys, electronic and optical microscopes, together with our knowledge of materials’ behaviour and the industrial processes during which failure could occur, make our support highly valuable for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have decades of experience in static and rotating equipment, as well as in vessel, linepipe, OCTG, welded and threaded connections.
Typical failure analysis report is a comprehensive document which includes not only the main results of the analysis (which responds to what was the failure mechanism) but also indications about cause of failure and material suitability for that application.
Yes, we provide support for legal arguments on the base of failure analysis findings.

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