Dual Use product

Assessment of civil products with application also in the military field

The service is part of the European Union’s adopted rules and procedures to regulate the export of dual use products, in order to ensure international security and non-proliferation of weapons.
This third-party assessment does not in any way substitute for any export authorisation, which in Italy falls under the exclusive competence of the Ministry of Economic Development.
Upon completion of the assessment, the report forms an integral part of the technical documentation to be provided when requesting the Ministry for any such authorisation, as well as an important document that companies can refer to when exporting.

Regulatory Focus

The regulatory reference for the control of exports of these products is Regulation (EC) No. 428/2009 and subsequent amendments, whose Annex I lists all the export goods which, by their nature, may have a “dual use” in both civil and military sectors.
There are also some regulations that indicate specific restrictions for certain embargoed countries, such as:

The Regulation stipulates that the export of such goods shall be subject to authorisation by the Competent Authorities of the Member States.
Italian Legislative Decree No. 96/2003, which determines the application of the Regulations in our country, has designated the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) as the Competent Authority and specifies that the request for export authorisation by an interested party must be accompanied by appropriate technical documentation relating to the product to be exported.

The Assessment Procedure

RINA, in collaboration with a specialised law firm and the University of Genoa, offer a service for the assessment of non-EU export products, characterised by independence and third-party impartiality, with the eventual release of a Technical Report.
The report includes:


In 2016, RINA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Polytechnic School of Engineering of the University of Genoa, in order to support businesses that produce and export potentially Dual Use goods.
Thanks to our team’s extensive experience in product certification in a variety of sectors, and the support of the Polytechnic School of Genoa, we have the right skill-set to prepare technical-scientific reports and preliminary opinions that help define your product’s standing under the Dual Use rules of the EU.


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