Environmental Technology Verification

Voluntary testing of environmental technologies

ETV is a European voluntary programme for the third-party testing of environmental technologies, which offers manufacturers and developers of innovative technologies the opportunity to receive a third-party verification of the declared performance of the proposed technology.
The main benefits of this service are to:

The Setting

Environmental technologies can really help increase the efficiency of the use of resources, identifying the less demanding, less costly and less environmentally-burdensome alternatives to the current technologies, and introducing measures to mitigate and/or prevent the adverse effects of human activities on the natural environment.
The benefits of technological innovations in the environmental field are further enhanced by the fact that the policy on these technologies represents a win-win solution.

Audit Procedure


We are accredited by ACCREDIA for ISO/IEC 17020 and have obtained the extension of the EU ETV Accreditation Pilot Programme for all technology areas:


Who can participate in the ETV programme?
Any company that manufactures or markets environmental technologies.

What are the areas that can be added to ETV?
In addition to the 3 areas “Water Treatment and Monitoring”, “Materials, Waste, and Resources”, and “Energy Technologies”, the following areas can also be included: “Monitoring and Reclamation of Soil and Groundwater”, “Cleaner Production Processes”, “Environmental Technologies in Agriculture”, “Monitoring and Abatement of Atmospheric Pollution”.

Does the ETV audit contract include tests?
No, tests are not included. The testing body should be chosen by the submitting party; RINA can only offer its advice.


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