ESG & Sustainability Strategy

Attest your commitment to economic, environmental and social development to your stakeholders

Sustainability has a growing impact on the international and national political agenda and on the behavior of companies and institutions.

In particular, within organizations, sustainability involves the definition of new practices capable of combining economic growth and performance as well as social and environmental sustainability.

Sustainability can therefore be defined as the set of policies that allow a company to pursue a virtuous combination of the three dimensions of sustainable development:

Our Approach

It is in this context that RINA Sustainability strategy service fits: we support our customers by offering a personalized path aimed at integrating and optimizing their positioning in terms of sustainability, as well as at designing and implementing the change towards effective sustainable and innovative policies.

In particular, we work alongside our customers in the process of defining and implementing their sustainability objectives, favoring material issues with greater added value and capable of generating a positive impact not only economically but also on the environment and in relation to their own stakeholders. 

The service manages all the phases that lead to the definition, development and monitoring of sustainable development policies, also including the definition, implementation and monitoring of strategic plans and also the planning of interventions aimed at communicating and sharing their performance and commitments with its stakeholders.  

Our Service

The phases of the service are the following three:

Analysis of the context in which the company operates and mapping of sustainable development strategies, policies and initiatives according to the three dimensions: economic, environmental and social.

The objectives of this phase are the definition of sustainability issues deemed significant for the company, the involvement of internal and external stakeholders to assess the relevance of the issues and the translation of significant issues into commitments to establish corporate commitment.

Evaluation and definition of the areas of intervention with declination of the commitments undertaken in qualitative and quantitative objectives measurable over time.

At this stage, a monitoring and data collection system must also be defined to measure the company's progress.  

Identification of the actions to be taken to communicate one's commitment in relation to sustainability and one's performance in terms of sustainability with reliable, relevant and standardized information.

At this stage, the sustainability report will be drawn up, which reports on the initiatives and results in the economic, social, environmental and governance fields of an organization. The report will be prepared according to internationally recognized standards (eg GRI - Global Reporting Initiative) and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is intended to be a complete and easy-to-read document that allows stakeholders to quickly obtain the information they need to evaluate the company as a whole. 

Strategy Innovation & Sustainability Team

A focus on Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report aims at attesting your company’s initiatives and results in the four main fields: economic, social, environmental and governance.   
It is generally developed according to the reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) on an annual basis and it is intended to be a complete and clear document that allows your stakeholders to quickly evaluate the company as a whole.

The Sustainability Report allows to : 

- Get companies to integrate sustainability in their business, leveraging on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

- Maximize impact and achieve sustainability goals 

- Improve and measure awareness within the organization  

- Communicate the results obtained and the efforts made 


Presenting the Sustainability Report is an obligation for listed companies: 

- > 500 employees 

- > 20 million euros on balance sheet 

- >  40 million euros revenues from net sales and services 


- Definition of the corporate sustainability path (analysis of Sustainable Development Goals, policies and plans) 

- Definition and optimization of the corporate sustainability strategy and plan 

- Definition and implementation of the reporting system and sustainability KPIs 

- Support in the development of Sustainability Reports (GRI, GBS, Sector Guidelines) and Integrated Reports (Integrated Report  - IIRC) 

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