Environmental Product Declaration

Communicate the information about the environmental impact of product

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) helps you inform the customers about the environmental impact of your product or service, testifying to the company’s commitment to environmental protection.
It is an effective marketing tool that defines the full environmental profile of a product or a service.

Regulatory Focus

EPD is certified to comply with the General Programme Instructions (GPI), which governs the general validation principles, while specific products and services respond to the Product Category Rules (PCR).

Certification Procedure


RINA has a long-running experience in the Product Environmental Declarations assessment. We are one of the first accredited certification bodies in this field, initially under SWEDAC, and subsequently with ACCREDIA.


What is the difference between a validation and pre-certification?
In addition to the difference in the regulatory reference (the validation also has a specific PCR), the main difference is the duration: the validation is valid for three years, while pre-certification only lasts one year.

Is it possible to renew a pre-certification?
In the absence of a specific approved PCR that allows validation, the pre-certification will be cancelled.

Who develops the specific PCRs?
The specific PCRs can be developed by any subject, including the organisation itself.

Is EPD public?
Yes, and it is published on the EPD International website.


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