Environmental Indexes

An appropriate reward for the investments made to reach a greener marine industry

RINA is ready to assist and guide ship-owners through the recognition phases of these voluntary schemes: local and international voluntary initiatives, currently in place to provide an appropriate reward for the investments made to reach a greener marine industry. The reference standards are mainly based on indexes for ranking ships and companies in respect of their environmental performance.
In this respect, RINA will assist ship-owners and operators in the complete process of application, from submission of all necessary data to final verifications.

Service details

Clean Shipping Index takes a holistic perspective on the environmental issues of shipping. It is aimed at giving charterers and cargo owners a clearer view of the environmental performance of the marine operators, which are listed and ranked inside the CSI database after an independent verification carried out by a recognized auditing company.
This Index is backed by a number of Swedish companies, many of Sweden’s largest cargo shippers and the EU.
Environmental Ship Index is a voluntary performance indicator of the ship capacity to reduce air emissions (SOX, NOX and CO2), a project developed within the World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI). It can be applied by all port authorities and operators prone to promote environmentally friendly marine operations.
Ships reaching a high ESI are rewarded based on the policy adopted by each single port of call (i.e. reducing the standard harbor fees).


In March 2012, RINA was recognised by Sweden’s Clean Shipping Project among the companies authorized to audit ships and shipping companies in accordance with the CSI dedicated guidelines.


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