Environmental and Health Risk Assessment

Environmental risk assessment evaluates the potential effects of the contamination detected at a site, and plans the need for remediation measures

Risk analysis is a strategic tool to evaluate the potential effects of contamination detected at a site and to decide the need for remediation measures.

Main services in this field are: Environmental and health risk analysis at contaminated site; Site contaminant fate; Transport modelling; Health impact assessment.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.


RINA team is well qualified to perform - on the basis of site investigation results - the assessment of the presence, nature, level and extent of surface and subsurface contamination.

From these results, we can provide a preliminary screening on the investigated site, to assess the need for further investigations and studies and to define a preliminary conceptual model, with special reference to potential contamination sources as a guide for any further step in the site’s study.

Our experts determine - through a project tailored risk assessment, relying on dedicated software and latest toxicological databases - whether the exposure risk for the receptors is acceptable.
If this is not the case, they identify the maximum allowable residual concentrations at the site, which become the final remediation goals to be achieved with a site remediation project, by using the applicable remedial technologies.

They are also capable of developing the health impact assessment for new infrastructures and plants, in agreement with applicable regulatory limits.


In performing the risk analysis, we are careful and proficient in all phases of the development of the appropriate conceptual model and exposure scenarios. We rely on a highly specialized staff, composed of skilled and highly motivated engineers covering almost the entire spectrum of applicable know-how in this field.

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